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Return of TrophiesGeneral Banter

Posted by Rob Baxter Mon, December 17, 2018 18:57:03

A reminder to return Trophies

Please return any outstanding trophies to either Joanne or Dougie.


Ford Fack DiffSales & Wants

Posted by Rob Baxter Sat, December 08, 2018 19:14:25

Bill Rhodes is looking for a


Contact Bill on 01200 446385

Returning TrophiesGeneral Banter

Posted by Rob Baxter Fri, December 07, 2018 09:54:35

As the season draws to a close the question on the lips of the Chosen Few is "who do I return my trophies to?"

Well . . . the Club is currently bereft of a 'Trophy Person' but, who knows, one might be unveiled at the upcoming Committee meeting. In the meantime award winners could bring along (or arrange to be brought along) their pots, quaichs and shields to either of the remaining meetings. They will be collected, like a Santa in reverse (but without the costume) or more likely piled in back of Andrew's car.

If you feel uniquely gifted in the management of trophies I am sure Andrew (or more likely Karen) would be pleased to hear from you.

Posted on behalf of no one in particular - but someone's got to do it.

The Yuletide & FiddlersGeneral Banter

Posted by Rob Baxter Thu, December 06, 2018 21:11:47

Firstly - If you are going to the Yuletide Trial at Croglin 1 please note that there is NO PARKING at the site as the field has been seeded. We are parking over the road in either the Croglin 2 field or down on the farm drive - depending on the conditions.

Secondly - The Fiddlers Trial on the 16th December is to be held at the original venue - Colston's Farm. So, no change.

Good luck if you're taking part.


Roderick Gray - PhotographsGeneral Banter

Posted by Rob Baxter Wed, November 14, 2018 21:37:13

Photos from the Roderick Gray

Brian Bolt has put some really nice pictures from last Sunday's trial on his website.

These are accessible from the NPTCC website - front page or Photos page

or here.

Tyres for SaleSales & Wants

Posted by Rob Baxter Tue, September 25, 2018 14:15:40

Posted on behalf of Bryan Walker


2 x Vredestein T-TRAC-2 1 1/2 events old (still got fluffy bits on) £20 each

2x Maxxis Moto x front tyres 70 / 100-17" 4 events old, edges still sharp £10 each

01969 623985

Wanted - diaphragms for Keihin CarbsSales & Wants

Posted by Rob Baxter Tue, September 04, 2018 14:29:47

Posted on behalf of Graham Smith
Wanted for Keihin Carbs

Looking for rubber diaphragm that sits in centre of float bowl
Two required, contact Graham 07779243497

Passenger WantedPassengers Wanted / Available

Posted by Rob Baxter Fri, August 10, 2018 10:40:09

Richard Waterhouse needs a passenger.

Blog image
He could really do with someone to passenger on a regular basis. It would be pity if the lack of a passenger jeopardised his involvement in the sport.

Contact Richard direct on 0113 255 8257 or

If any non-member sees this and might be interested in becoming involved in the sport please use the contact form on the front page of the website.