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Gold Star 2018

General BanterPosted by Martin Grimwood Wed, October 18, 2017 13:32:27

Just an update on the Btrda Gold Star event ....

Preparations are going well for the event, I'm getting a lot of support from club members (thank you all very much), there are quite a few of us (15+ so far) staying at Eden Hall on the Saturday night after the event & not going to the BTRDA presentation .... it could have the makings of "a marshal's party" if we're not careful ... tee hee.

It's not an official do, but if you've been involved come along and join us


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Notes from the MSA Trials Committee

Technical MattersPosted by Colin Campbell Mon, October 09, 2017 11:31:53
These notes originate from the MSA Trials Committee's last meeting in July and have just been published in the latest edition of iClear Round, the BTRDA's electronic newsletter.

I thought the topics would be of general interest and give a heads up on what may be in the offing.

Trials Safety

One of the MSA’s key roles is keeping competitors and organisers safe, to that end each MSA committee has been tasked with creating a short list of safety points that covers their discipline. [A pdf copy of the trials one is below.] You have to remember that this covers all trials disciplines so some of the points may not be 100% relevant to sporting trials directly, but it’s worth a read. We have now been asked to recommended a best practice for safe exiting of a section for each discipline.

MSA Trials Tips - see pdf copy below:

Car Sharing

A point raised by Martyn Haliday and the HSTA guys but something that will be worth pursuing on our side of the sporting trials fence is a wording tweak in the rules that allows a car to be the entry not just the driver. While the words remain the same in the 2018 blue book they are now italized so clubs can alter them in their event regulations. What this means is that the car does each hill once but you can swap who drives which hill, so if a novice driver wants to start or you just want a bit of fun with your friend then you can pick and chose which hills you want to do. However remember any crew member must be signed on for insurance. You would not be featured in the results as you won’t have completed all the hills but if more than one car was doing the same thing then there could be class created for it. This is very popular with the HSTA guys, two friends wanting a fun day out.


One of the most critical components in a trials car, hidden in an axle or gearbox not seen by anyone. With rudimental method’s of testing its very easy to end up with mistrust and ill feeling around the subject. If the world was a perfect place we would have a machine that generates a figure which is a pass or fail. A couple of test rigs have been created and testing is being carried out, a database is being built up to see if anything can be ascertained, at this point test method’s are being developed and fine tuned but nothing concrete has been decided.

The MSA TAP (technical advisory Panel) requested to see an example of a “ super diff” one was obtained from a used classic trials beetle (same gearbox as used in some sporting trials cars) the MSA TAP released the following statement based on the diff presented:

Superdiff - MSA TAP Statement

“Having viewed a physical differential and images of the Superdiff it was agreed that the design of the internals have been deliberately manipulated so that internal friction under load provides a locking function. Acknowledging the way these internals interact to provide a locking function it can only be described as a locking differential and thus does not comply with the Trials regulations.”

The MSA want to make it very clear that this statement is based upon the diff presented. However the diff presented was an off the shelf diff unmodified and fitted in a VW beetle trials car. The MSA are taking the diff situation very seriously and looking to put things in place to ensure all cars are being used in accordance with the rules. For 2018 Championship the MSA may have a rule added which means if you wish to take part in the MSA championship you must have the facility to have your diff sealed (as simple as small dill hole through a couple of diff studs for sealing purposes).


A proposal has been put forward to make sporting trials more accessible and break down barriers for people with cars who haven’t been out for a while. A proposal has been put forward to create a class for people who have a car but don’t have the latest spec tyres, but are running a previous Blue Book tyre. You would be running in a separate class you would not be eligible to win events overall or score championship points but you are welcome to come out have a bit of fun and it maybe the spark you need to reignite your passion for trials which makes you think about getting the right tyres and joining the full event and the relevant championships. Event organisers will not need to get extra awards it is just something to maybe get a few people back out by breaking down barriers. It will be important that organisers recognise these cars are not eligible for awards and must not be featured in the overall results.

[Text reproduced from BTRDA’s iClear Round, iCR11, September 2017]

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Gold Star

General BanterPosted by Martin Grimwood Wed, September 27, 2017 09:20:52

On the 13th January 2018 our club has been invited to host the BTRDA Gold / Silver star finals, how does this affect us, the membership you ask?

Whether you are a fan of the BTRDA or not this is still regarded as the biggest jewel in the crown of trialling as far as events go and is a privilege and honour to be asked, it attracts a large entry of about 45~50 crews.

This year I have been asked to Clerk the event, weather & conditions permitting it is scheduled to be held at Gale Hall. It is planned to run 3 rounds of 10 hills so we are needing at least 20 marshals & 4~5 scrutineers.

The event takes place on the Saturday (if you hadn't noticed the date) so I am taking a 3 days off work and staying at Edenhall (I'm making a fairly serious commitment to pull it off) so I can spend time setting out and making sure everything is ok, everyone is very critical of this event so it has to be "spot-on".

I'm ok with setting out, but what I am asking is that anyone not competing can pull together as a favour to me and out of a sense of duty to the club, as non of us get paid to do this so we all need to muck in to run the event on the day, lets show the rest of the country that we are a strong trialling club (the best) and can professionally run the premier event of the year.

If you are willing to help please let me know so I can get a list together and get organised.

you can contact me on:

07584 079609 - mobile

01274 832530 - work - work - i phone

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Honda 12V Engine for Sale

Sales & WantsPosted by Rob Baxter Tue, September 12, 2017 17:09:57
Honda 12V Engine for Sale

also Crossle Back Wheels - and front (drum brake) wheels

Contact Bill Rhodes on 01200 446385

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TMS Motorsport Member Discount

General BanterPosted by Colin Campbell Fri, August 18, 2017 22:06:39
NEW - 10% NPTCC Member Discount from TMS Motorsport

TMS Motorsport are UK suppliers of high performance car parts for car enthusiasts interested in tuning and styling. They supply parts for race teams, rally teams, car enthusiasts, garages, DIY'ers, tuning shops, drifters, drag racers, circuit racers, and everything in between.

For more information check out the TMS website - see below.

TMS Motorsport Contact details:

The TMS on-line shop can be found at:

Tel: 01189 485132 or Email:

Or simply click the link on their logo on the Links page on our website -
TMS Motorsport
Quote NPTCC10 for 10% off.

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Anybody got one for Sale?

Sales & WantsPosted by Barry Attwood Wed, May 24, 2017 20:47:20
Nothing to do with Trials.
But just in case there is one out there lurking in a shed or barn?
I am looking for a 1970's or early 80's BMW Airhead any R model from 600 to 1000cc.
For a restoration project for next winter.
If you have or know of any for sale please let me know.
Cheers smiley
Barry Attwood

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Accommodation in Melmerby

General BanterPosted by Rob Baxter Mon, April 08, 2013 22:16:38
Information on accommodation in the Melmerby Area.

Edenhall Country House Hotel and Restaurant



Cumbria CA11 8SX

01768 881 454


Gate House B & B


01768 889 126


Mrs M Morton

Meadow Bank


Cumbria CA10 1HF

01768 881 652


Thanks to Dougie & Jackie Parkinson for providing details.

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