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Returning Trophies

General BanterPosted by Rob Baxter Fri, December 07, 2018 09:54:35
As the season draws to a close the question on the lips of the Chosen Few is "who do I return my trophies to?"

Well . . . the Club is currently bereft of a 'Trophy Person' but, who knows, one might be unveiled at the upcoming Committee meeting. In the meantime award winners could bring along (or arrange to be brought along) their pots, quaichs and shields to either of the remaining meetings. They will be collected, like a Santa in reverse (but without the costume) or more likely piled in back of Andrew's car.

If you feel uniquely gifted in the management of trophies I am sure Andrew (or more likely Karen) would be pleased to hear from you.

Posted on behalf of no one in particular - but someone's got to do it.

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