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Gold Star

General BanterPosted by Martin Grimwood Tue, January 16, 2018 12:32:42

Thank you to everyone who helped on the Gold Star event, it turned out very well and shows what a strong club we are, I think we should be very proud of ourselves, I know I'm proud to be associated with the NPTCC.

This is an e-mail from Stuart Beare, the BTRDA sporting trials chairman.

Dear Martin and team

You truly excelled yourselves …

Martin, thank you for all the time and effort you put into the event, it goes down as one of the best Gold Star championships there has been.

Hopefully those of you that attended the dinner also had a fun time and that the appreciation for all your efforts was warmly felt.

Thank you for all your support both to myself personally and to the BTRDA trials committee as we begin to sail this ship into much friendlier and calmer waters.

The championships next year will be slightly further south, and I very much hope we can learn from your success and again deliver an excellent event.

I wouldn’t be doing my BTRDA chairman role justice if I’d didn’t encourage you all to stay involved, and drivers to sign up to the BTRDA championship for the 2018 season. It would help my confidence no end to prove that what we started in 2017 is filtering through to more drivers competing, more connections between clubs & regions made, and decisions that affect us all being made jointly rather than being imposed on us.

I’d also like us to all to think about resurrecting the North v South trial of the 1980’s and you guys would be my first port of call to help out with that.

To all of you, please feel free to drop me a note or give me a call 07850 404824, if you can think of anything that will help enhance the community further.

With my very best wishes


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Gold Star

General BanterPosted by Martin Grimwood Thu, January 04, 2018 14:05:58


Preparations are going well so far for the Gold Star event on the 13th.

We are now up to 37 marshals / helpers

I could do with a couple more scrutineers, there are 4 so far but there might be up to 55 cars to check in 2 lanes, the start time is 10:00 for the trial not the usual 10:30 so time will be tight.

If you don't want to get your hands dirty or can't check cars you could check log books, put stickers on, mark people off the list when done, find the ones that are busy gabbing and gee them up.

More hands make light work.

We are running 10 hills / 3 rounds, I'm planning long hills so 2 or 3 marshals per hill.

We will be allocating hills to marshals trying to be sympathetic to their abilities, fitness, experience etc once the hills are set out.

On the day it will be busy on site ... if you are attending in any capacity, please be careful, everyone's safety is paramount, look out for yourself and for others.


07584 079609 - i phone

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Gold Star 2018

General BanterPosted by Martin Grimwood Wed, October 18, 2017 13:32:27

Just an update on the Btrda Gold Star event ....

Preparations are going well for the event, I'm getting a lot of support from club members (thank you all very much), there are quite a few of us (15+ so far) staying at Eden Hall on the Saturday night after the event & not going to the BTRDA presentation .... it could have the makings of "a marshal's party" if we're not careful ... tee hee.

It's not an official do, but if you've been involved come along and join us


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Gold Star

General BanterPosted by Martin Grimwood Wed, September 27, 2017 09:20:52

On the 13th January 2018 our club has been invited to host the BTRDA Gold / Silver star finals, how does this affect us, the membership you ask?

Whether you are a fan of the BTRDA or not this is still regarded as the biggest jewel in the crown of trialling as far as events go and is a privilege and honour to be asked, it attracts a large entry of about 45~50 crews.

This year I have been asked to Clerk the event, weather & conditions permitting it is scheduled to be held at Gale Hall. It is planned to run 3 rounds of 10 hills so we are needing at least 20 marshals & 4~5 scrutineers.

The event takes place on the Saturday (if you hadn't noticed the date) so I am taking a 3 days off work and staying at Edenhall (I'm making a fairly serious commitment to pull it off) so I can spend time setting out and making sure everything is ok, everyone is very critical of this event so it has to be "spot-on".

I'm ok with setting out, but what I am asking is that anyone not competing can pull together as a favour to me and out of a sense of duty to the club, as non of us get paid to do this so we all need to muck in to run the event on the day, lets show the rest of the country that we are a strong trialling club (the best) and can professionally run the premier event of the year.

If you are willing to help please let me know so I can get a list together and get organised.

you can contact me on:

07584 079609 - mobile

01274 832530 - work - work - i phone

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