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2018 AGM Nomination Form

General BanterPosted by Colin Campbell Wed, December 27, 2017 16:39:28
AGM - 27 January 2018 - Nominations for Club Officials

Nominations for Club Directors and other Officials at the forthcoming AGM may be made on the PDF form below.
The Management Committee has already nominated, and is recommending for re-election, the four directors who are retiring by rotation as well as all the other current Club officers. There is one vacancy on the Management Committee for which no one is currently nominated.

Multiple nominations for any of the available positions, will be determined by ballot at the AGM.

The instructions and deadline for the return of completed nominations is given on the form.

Formal notice of the AGM is being sent to Members by email today.

The final agenda, associated papers and proxy forms for the AGM will be posted on the Club's Weblog on 16 January.

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