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Gold Star

General BanterPosted by Martin Grimwood Thu, January 04, 2018 14:05:58


Preparations are going well so far for the Gold Star event on the 13th.

We are now up to 37 marshals / helpers

I could do with a couple more scrutineers, there are 4 so far but there might be up to 55 cars to check in 2 lanes, the start time is 10:00 for the trial not the usual 10:30 so time will be tight.

If you don't want to get your hands dirty or can't check cars you could check log books, put stickers on, mark people off the list when done, find the ones that are busy gabbing and gee them up.

More hands make light work.

We are running 10 hills / 3 rounds, I'm planning long hills so 2 or 3 marshals per hill.

We will be allocating hills to marshals trying to be sympathetic to their abilities, fitness, experience etc once the hills are set out.

On the day it will be busy on site ... if you are attending in any capacity, please be careful, everyone's safety is paramount, look out for yourself and for others.


07584 079609 - i phone

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