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Results, Reports and Photos

General BanterPosted by Rob Baxter Fri, May 11, 2018 19:53:24
This is to advise members and friends that the NPTCC Website has been updated with Results, Reports and Photos of the recent trials.

There are many excellent pictures. These can be accessed at the moment from the front page, just above the main photo or at any time from the 'Photos' Page (page 3!).

Glenn Bennett has 10 YEARS of NPTCC photographs on the site and they can all be downloaded free gratis and for nothing. Glenn has both low resolution (quick and convenient) and high resolution shots (eye-wateringly sharp but longer to upload/download).

Brian Bolt has come along to some of our events and has captured some super images and he has made them available from his website. To download - click on the image then click on the down arrow.

This website receives over 35,000 visits a year including 10,000+ from overseas and I suspect most of those view the site just for the photos.

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