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2 day trial

General BanterPosted by Martin Grimwood Wed, August 29, 2018 13:12:34

As you may know we're holding a 2 day event at Gale Hall on the 8/9th of this month.

Both events are Club, BTRDA & MSA rounds .... there are several "visitors" entered from the South (below Kendal!). It would be great if we had enough marshals to man 7 hills so drivers didn't have to score each other.

If you're not entering, maybe you could help out or bring someone with you who might be able to assist ... it makes the club look better if we're fully manned for these bigger events.

I'm clerking Saturday at the Stone trough and Brian Thornton is doing the Robin Jager, this means me and Brian coming up north on Thursday night after work to set out on Friday (3 nights at Eden Hall .. alright I know it's a hardship but it does cost)

Andrew & Karen sort the entries out behind the scenes ... usually filling in the drivers cards at 10pm + the night before a trial.

I know there are certain members who point blank refuse to help and just expect everything done for them (twa*s) but if we all put a bit of effort in and help each other it makes for a better club & better trials after all none of us get paid for doing it.



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